RV Management Program (RVMP)

Our RV Management Program is a smart way to own an RV. Our program addresses the top five points of concern that most prospective RV owners have: price, taxes, storage, maintenance, and income.

Motorhomes and trailers can be expensive to purchase. There are manufacturer costs, delivery fees, processing fees, and of course there is a significant dealer markup. For potential owners who agree to enter our rental program, we will work with you to find the perfect motor home or trailer and obtain it for you at as close to manufacturer cost as we can. This can reduce the price of your brand new motor home or RV by thousands of dollars.

This alone can save you as much as 20% off of a retail purchase price, if not more.

Sales tax is typically a fact of life, but there are exceptions for inventory items. Your motorhome or trailer placed in a rental pool is most likely eligible for a sales tax exemption, saving you as much as 10% off of the purchase price through discount or rebate.

Sales tax is not your only tax savings. Owners who itemize their taxes and/or fill out a Schedule C for their rental unit get the additional tax write-off of depreciation of their RV. They might also qualify for a write-off for any mortgage interest paid for the RV.

Many of us in the Pacific Northwest live in urban or suburban spaces with restrictive zoning for motorhome and trailer parking. If we are lucky, we can park our units in our driveways. But then your our neighbors just give us a hard time.

The easy, but expensive, answer is to pay for storage, but space is a premium here and you can easily pay more than $1200 per year just to park your RV.

Why? We have an open spot waiting for you. Park your RV for free on our lot if you participate in our rental program.

Do you enjoy changing oil? If warranty work comes up for your RV, where are you going to take it?

We can handle it all. We worry about the small stuff. We change the oil. We winterize. We de-winterize. We fix annoyances.

You'll still need to cover big things like tires, but for most of the day-to-day maintenance, you can trust that Epic RV Partners is caring for your RV. Our RVs are in the pool too. We treat you like we'd like to be treated.

With our program you can purchase an RV without paying dealer markups. With our program you can avoid sales tax on your new unit. With our program you can deduct mortgage interest. In the end you will get the best net price possible on your RV, but there are still monthly payments. We can help you offset those.

In the Pacific Northwest, our peak season is June, July, and August. Travelers from around the world come to explore all the Great Northwest has to offer. We actively market to rental customers on numerous websites, search engines, local marketing outlets, and large company perks sites.

We strive to have all of the RVs in our fleet rented out from ten to twelve weeks per year. At our 50/50 profit share, you could realize as much as ten thousand dollars per year to help offset your RV mortgage.