Yellowstone Loop

As a kid this was my least favorite vacation but as an adult it was one of my favorite. It is 2,000 miles and to do it right you should take 7 - 10 days. Both times I took this trip we went thru Spokane, WA, as a kid Silverwood was not yet built so as you can imagine this trip is almost all scenic and with the exception of Yellowstone where there are quite a few kid things to do it really is for adults...just my view. With kids I would reverse the loop and end at Silverwood for a few days. -- Jeff Richford

Mukilteo To Silverwood

The drive from Mukilteo to Silverwood is approximately 6 hours. Silverwood is a really fun park with not only a water park area, but also rides, restaurants, and lots of other kid friendly attractions. Allow at least two to three days at Silverwood.

Siverwood Amusement Park

Silverwood To Yellowstone

From Silverwood to Yellowstone is one of the most scenic drives in the US. There are rivers, lakes, mountains, trees and desert... sa beautiful drive.

Yellowstone Geyser

Inside Yellowstone

Yellowstone....Great campgrounds mostly with pools and very hot in summer months. You can rent bicycles or mopeds or just drive the RV thru the park stopping at points of interest...and yes you can still see Yogi!

Yellowstone Mountains

Grand Teton National Park

The southern route home takes you thru Grand Teton National Park....many scenic places to stop and some great photos to be had. There are campgrounds if its time to stop for the night.

Grand Teatons

Craters of the Moon National Monument

Just past Jackson Hole WY you will find Craters of the Moon National Monument which again is very scenic but only worth a 30 minute stop for some photos.

Craters of the Moon Park

Heading Home

The rest of the trip home to Boise, ID Baker City OR, Kennewick, WA and home is an easy drive with lots of rivers, lakes, and resorts along the way.

Kennewick, WA